Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Swan taxidermy or stylish lighting?

What do you think when you see this lamp? It’s in the window of a home interior store/salon/restaurant near my office. I saw it and had to get a photo because it looks like an IKEA idea of what happens to swans after they die. A chacun son goût, but who is going to buy this?? The kicker is, the next day I took a look at the price tag and had to do a double take....€725! That’s right, seven hundred and twenty five euros. Apparently swan purgatory isn't cheap.

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StyleSpy said...

It's cute, but I don't think it's €725 worth of cute. I've got a hot glue gun -- all I need are a couple of feather boas and I can create one of those myself. And my cat would lurrrrrve it.