Friday, November 12, 2010

Fremont is not a suburb

It’s always interesting to hear perceptions of my hometown from “outsiders”. But when I read a recent article about Seattle in the Telegraph, I thought – this guy clearly has not spent much time in the city.

Never mind that he refers to Fremont as a suburb (I assume that it’s a UK vs. US terminology difference). In only the 2nd paragraph he states It's a city whose presiding geniuses are Kurt Cobain (the late frontman of Nirvana) and Frasier. Uh…no to both. Cobain is from Aberdeen, which is about 100 miles from Seattle and is closer to Olympia and Tacoma and Frasier is a fictional character from a TV sitcom. Ask any true Seattleite to name someone famous from the city and I can guarantee you that Frasier will not be on the list.

Mark Jones, the author, also mentions that Seattle houses Microsoft and Starbucks. Ok on Starbucks but another big NO on Microsoft. MS HQ is in Redmond, part of the eastside a.k.a. the dark side.

I know I probably sound nitpicky, but these are the details that do matter to those of us who come from and have lived in the Emerald City. I can let Nirvana pass, since Seattle has claimed the band as its own. But mixing up the eastside and Seattle is quick way to make me doubt your credibility when talking about anything related to Seattle.

Mr. Jones waxes lyrical about t-shirt shops, Fremont, his hotel and tells readers that the waterfront is disappointing. I give him a B for effort, however I’d say that Mr. Jones has missed the ferry with this one. Why focus on Fremont and the Pike Place Market? And anyone who’d spent any time in Seattle would know not to go to Pioneer Square at night (unless you're looking for a certain type of experience). What about Capitol Hill, Queen Anne or Green Lake? How about popping over to Alki for an amazing view of downtown or hopping on a ferry?

I’m not saying my Seattle is the only Seattle, but there are many other parts and aspects of the city Mr. Jones could have mentioned. To read his take on Seattle click here.