Friday, April 17, 2009

Sarko is making frenemies

According to French President Sarkozy, US President Obama is weak and indecisive and German Chancellor Merkel followed Sarko’s lead only after she realized that Germany's economy was in trouble. He also took a swipe at Spain, indicated respect for Berlusconi’s ability to get re-elected several times and to top it off he’s calling people of African descent “suntanned”.

I’m all for free speech, but wtf??! The suntan issue will have to wait for a different post on racism in France. Does Sarko believe that insulting the leaders of other nations is the way to improve international cooperation? Does he think that Obama doesn’t surf the net or won’t find out about Sarko’s comments? Apparently the concept of catching flies with honey instead of vinegar didn’t make it across the pond. Some are saying that Sarko is jealous that another president has taken media attention away from him and Sarkozette and I’m inclined to agree.

Read about Sarko’s comments here.


Isabelle said...

Sarkozy was "quoted" saying these comments in front of PMs at a meeting where there were no journalists...
Who knows what's true and what's not in these quotes, because everybody seems to be terribly eager to fall on his back each time he says something.

It's not that I want to blindly take his defense each time he opens his mouth (I regularly disagree on what he says or how he says it), but I don't want to take for granted words that are brought back by his opponents!

Angela in Europe said...

I think Sarko has just realized that staying in the news is as important as doing things. Either that, or smearing in France is becoming a national pastime as it is in the U.S. and England.

A Seattleite in Paris said...

There may not have been journalists around but I think Sarko is enough of an attention/media addict that he may be jealous the French media is paying more attention to Obama then him.