Friday, August 8, 2008


A few months ago a friend was going on about how she refused to join Facebook because she didn’t believe in the idea that a social networking site was needed to keep in touch with her friends. However, she didn’t have any issues with business networking sites like LinkedIn (I still don’t really understand that logic).

Well, when I returned from vaca, I had a Facebook link invitation from guess who – yup, this same person. Of course, I couldn’t resist giving her crap about it. After I sent her a note saying I didn’t believe she was the same person who so vehemently resisted joining a while back she updated her status to say “___ has given up on traditional social interactions and set up a Facebook profile as people don't know how to stay in touch the way they used to.” In other words, she finally joined modern society… (Btw her boyfriend as been on Facebook for quite a while.)

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