Monday, August 11, 2008

Dell Support SUCKS!

I hate dealing with Dell tech support. First I tried calling the number for people outside of their country. The guy didn't deal with Inspirons and transferred me - I got cut off. Next I called the French number and was immediately put on hold. When I finally talked to someone I explained that I had an Inspiron still under warranty and gave the service tag. He transferred me. The hold message said it was for computers not under warranty and to have your credit card ready. When someone finally came on, I explained that my laptop is still under warranty and gave the service tag again, he looked it up and confirmed that it was still under warranty then transferred me to someone else. I tried to explain the problem to this guy (who doesn't speak English of course) he didn't understand. I tried to explain again and he gave me an email address to send photos of the screen. 15 friggin minutes of being on hold and getting transferred just to get an email address!!!

All of this was over a week ago and I didn’t get a response to my initial email so I sent it again pointing out that it was the second time. Dell responded that they had tried to contact me and I wasn’t reachable. This despite the fact that I don’t have any missed calls or voice mails on my mobile phone (the only number I gave tech support) since sending the email. So now I have to call them again. Every time I have to deal with Dell support in France (I have no idea if it’s any better in other countries) I become more convinced that they take classes in how to give customers the run around in the hopes that we’ll just get fed up and disappear.

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Anonymous said...

Get cut off because of the stupid computer directory service. Then you get people who cannot transfer you. I am surprised that it was not India. It was the Phillipines group. Then I got some British guy named "Nigel." It was a joke. I had to go online to get India "live chat" to just get the Airbill to return the old computer that did not work. So, I don't know. It seems that India(outside of the tough accents), has access to all the network systems and can solve most problems now. And if they can't do it themselves, they know who or what system to access to get it done from India. I can see the huge bugs while taking support to India. As an American,it is annoying, but so far, they are on top of it. THe 800 or 866 number support sucks!