Wednesday, January 9, 2008

seattleites are literate!

I’m slowly catching up on blogs and after coming across this posting on Talking Stuff, I had to mention it here. That’s right folks, MY city (and yes, even though I left the place and there are many things about Seattle that irritate me, it is and will always be home) is the 2nd most literate city in the US!

Some people like the b/f (a.k.a. the snooty Brit) might compare this to being the 2nd tallest person in a village of midgets, but we’ll ignore these people. The criteria used to rank the cities include: newspaper circulation; number of bookstores; library resources; periodical publishing resources; educational attainment; and Internet resources. Perhaps The Emerald City has a large number of PhDs sitting around in bookstores or libraries with wifi, surfing random sites and reading
the Stranger.

On a sadder note, a
woman was stabbed to death on Capitol Hill. was After buying groceries, Shannon Harps was killed outside of her home on New Year’s Eve. The killer still has not been caught and understandably people in the neighborhood are concerned. Visit the blog for self defense tips and CHS for more on this tragic event.

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A Novelist said...

Yay to us being the 2nd most literate city in the U.S! :)

I still get the Seattle P-I and Seattle Times delivered to my inbox and read the story of the New Year's Eve stabbing on Capitol Hill. Very, very sad!

Anyway, I love your blog and look forward to reading more. :)