Thursday, January 10, 2008

les soldes

Yesterday was the first day of les soldes. No one who knows me or has ever seen me would accuse me of being into fashion, although I am known for having a thing for leather. But you can’t live in France and not be familiar with les soldes. I always avoid the stores during the first week of the soldes. This means I miss out on the good stuff, but I don’t have the temperament or desire to physically battle for reduced price clothing. While I’m not a spend-all-day-in-the-stores-shopper, I do prefer my shopping experiences to be as calm as possible. Finding pants that fit is traumatic enough, I really don’t need to add throngs of aggressive women (or men) to the mix.

For those of you who plan to join the Parisian “solding” - check out this nifty site that has shopping circuits according to style. Happy shopping!

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