Monday, September 6, 2010

Rant: He’s a connoisseur

During our long weekend in Florence, the Brit and I had dinner at Osteria di Giovanni. Everything was wonderful except…there was a loud, obnoxious American dining at the same restaurant.

It was bad enough that he was speaking very loudly at (I can’t really say he was speaking with them) his two companions, but at one point he complained to the waitress that his filet mignon “had too much tendons”. He said that he was a connoisseur of filet mignon and his piece of meat should be like bubble gum, but it came from too low on the cow.

His companions appeared to be quite embarrassed while I and people at other tables starred at him in disbelief. The waitress offered dessert as compensation for the too-low-on-the-cow-filet. When she brought a slice of chocolate cake, the jerk’s response was “I don’t want it”.

A few minutes later he left the room with his glass of wine. His companions got up and apologized to the people at the table next to them and on the way out they apologized to one of the waiters. Mr. Connoisseur was not only oblivious to the discomfort of his fellow diners, but he clearly didn’t notice or care about that of his companions.

He and people like him are the reason American tourists have a bad reputation abroad. To Mr. Connoisseur and anyone like him, please stay at home with your bubble gum filet mignon.

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Anonymous said...

i am married to a southern boy. the Europeans adore him as he is quiet, old fashioned and appreciate of good food and good conversation.
on one of his business trips to Italy he got stuck with the truly Ugly American who managed to embarrass him through the whole trip - esp in the restaurants....
the rest of us just kinda hope to make up for the enormous impression does few do leave...