Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long Weekend

I left last Wednesday evening to join the Brit for a long weekend (Thursday was a holiday in France). My train was scheduled to leave at 17h55, but several minutes after 18h00, it hadn’t moved. An announcement was made saying there was some kind of technical problem. A while later there was another announcement telling us that the delay was due to people on the track. They played the people-track message twice and I thought: 1) what happened to the technical problem? and 2) get the people off the bloody track so we can leave.

We ended up leaving over an hour late. I have no idea what the real reason behind the delay was, but whenever more than one reason is given I get suspicious. Has the driver decided to take a nap? Did he not show up (I’ve had a train delayed before because there was no driver)? Or maybe he decided to pay a visit to his mistress and got delayed.


Un fan des transports parisiens said...

Funny story!
I work at "La défense" and monday evening as I left office, I was stuck on the crowded platform of the RER with the same announcements: first "technical problem" then "people on the track"!! Maybe technical problems happen so often they decided to use it as default message :o)

Foodie Froggy said...

Hi ! Just to say I like your blog. i will be in Seattle next summer, I am quite excited about it.