Sunday, July 6, 2008

Heinz controversy

This Heinz commercial resulted in complaints and calls for a boycott. Because some people (at the time, the total was around 200) objected to the ad, Heinz decided to pull it. As a result of the ad being pulled, gay rights groups have called for a boycott of Heinz products. Being from Seattle, it’s not surprising that I fall on the liberal side of the line. I didn’t find anything wrong with the commercial and found the wife-as-NY-deli-guy character amusing. Heinz had to know that it wouldn’t go over well with certain people, yet they aired it anyway. It’s disappointing that they didn’t have the courage to stand behind the ad despite a few objections. Read more:


Anonymous said...

The ad's funny...people are so puritan it's ridiculous. And people have a problem with an innocent ad like this yet fully endorse misogyny in advertising and music.

Laume said...

I heard about this controversy and found the commercial on line. I thought it was funny and cute. I agree, they could have just ignored the complaints - there's always a few in every crowd.