Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh

After Germany, the Brit and I popped back to Paris for a couple days before flying to Dublin. I’d never been to Ireland before, the Brit went with his family when he was 3, so it was pretty much his first time too. We stayed at the Shelbourne across from St Stephen’s Green. When I saw the bed, I was tempted to stay in during the entire trip.

We did some of the typical touristy things like the hop on/off bus and a ½ day tour to the south coast. I was even a good girlfriend and accompanied the Brit to the Guinness brewery and old Jameson distillery, even though I don’t like Guinness or whiskey (except in a hot toddy). Funnily enough, during the whole time we were there, almost all of our servers were Polish. An American who lives in France and an Englishman who will soon live in Germany, in Ireland being served by Polish waitresses – gotta love globalization.

I had a wicked hangover the day we left, not related to either of the aforementioned beverages. Fortunately for me the Brit has some experience in this area and found some Lucozade for me (I’d never heard of it before). A couple of those and a good Irish breakfast and I was able to move around without worry that I’d hurl at any moment.

In general, Dublin was ok, but I have no desire to return any time soon. If we go back it will definitely be to another part of Ireland. But at least now I can say that I know the tune to Molly Malone and discovered another way to drink whiskey – with ginger ale…

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