Sunday, June 8, 2008

Your English is really good!

I was at my local boulangerie (which received a write-up in Elle btw) and there were some Americans behind me in line. One of them commented that there were a lot of people and I responded that the line would go quickly. The guy looked surprised and told me that my English was good. Hmmm….thanks.


Samantha said...

That used to happen to me a lot when I worked at the port in my old town - there were a lot of Brits that came in, and they would always tell me "Your English is so good dearie - you must have learned it in America!". And I would usually just smile and say "Yep" in response. *S*

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Lady you are integrated!

Laume said...

LOL - almost like it's your first language!
When we were in Paris for two weeks in April of this year, hubby and I were approached a number of times by French tourists with maps, speaking in French and asking us directions. We'd point at the map and offer to help but clearly spoke only a handful of French phrases and folks would apologize and say they thought we were locals. I can't quite figure out why we'd look like locals, you'd think the camera the size of a toaster hanging around my neck would be a giveaway if nothing else, but it was very flattering to be seen as fitting in so well.

A Seattleite in Paris said...

Sam - I probably should have just smiled and said "merci".

Tigre - I wish! I think this was more a case of a confused tourist.

Laume - You must have a bit of a Parisian look :)