Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Do French women need special credit cards?

Société Générale is following in the footsteps of Bred and now has a “toute nouvelle collection de cartes bancaires dédiée aux femmes: la collection pour elles.” If you sign up for this card you get perks such as picking the look of your card (design options are floral, water drop and diamond), €400 towards purchasing a new purse if yours is stolen AND up to €300 is covered if you have a water leak, broken window or electricity outage and need a repair person to come out and fix the problem. I’ve been here nearly five years and I’m still amazed that stuff like this goes on. Are women really signing up for these cards? Who are they and what century do they live in?

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JD said...

Ma chère Seattleite,
things don't normally change that fast in everyone's mind...