Tuesday, February 5, 2008

french flirting begins at a young age

Tonight on the way home I had another cute experience of how friendly French boys can be. The bus was crowded and after some shifting, I ended up standing next to a stroller. During the ride, I felt a slight tug on my coat and when I looked down I saw that the little boy in the stroller had grabbed my coat. He started gently rubbing the coat and I assumed he liked the feel of the leather. I had second thoughts about that when I realized something had changed. The boy’s small hand was now under my coat rubbing the side of my leg, by the knee. He lifted his hand for a second and I quickly inserted the coat between my leg and his hand. He looked at me with big eyes and grabbed my coat again, but this time about an inch higher – grab, rub, pause, grab rub pause. A couple of stops later his mother gently removed his hand (for the second time) and they were off. What do you think he’ll be like in 20 years…

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