Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Manif et moi

I had an appointment yesterday evening and when I got to the bus stop I discovered that the bus I was supposed to take wasn’t running due to a manifestation. So I decided to walk and ended up smack in the middle of the protest.

I’ve seen Parisian protests before, but usually from a safe distance. While part of me didn’t mind adding this to my list of French experiences, the rest of me was annoyed at having to push my way through the crowd.

Here are some photos:

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c'est Jeff ici said...

The "manif" is a permanent feature of the Parisian landscape. I suppose if I lived in Paris I might find them annoying but for now they are more interesting than troublesome. We had to abandon the 38 bus last month due to a manif contre the change in retirement age. The only way to move down bd Montparnasse was to walk in the demonstration. My worst fear was that I might wind up being recognized in the crowd, something that my friends and enemies might take as a shift in my political leanings!