Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nip/Tuck Meets The Sopranos

When I checked my email this morning, there was a Facebook message about a pair of former clients (I used to work in ad agencies) in the Seattle area. One of the two has been arrested by the FBI and charged with attempting to hire a hitman to kill the other (his business partner) and a former colleague. He asked an employee who, depending on which article you read, is either Russian or Ukranian if he had any contacts in the Russian mafia. The employee contacted the FBI and the accused is currently in jail awaiting trial. Apparently he thought he could not only have two people killed but also profit from the life insurance policy of his partner. I always thought he was a bit weird and kinda creepy, but this is beyond crazy.


Kalee said...

People do really stupid things sometimes, that's for sure! I mean, everyone knows if you want to hire someone you can't let it be anyone who knows who you are!

catharsis said...

I just heard about this at the dinner table tonight... pretty insane. I guess it goes to show that you gut is right, more often than not!

Anonymous said...

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