Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Freaks, Carnivale or Twilight Zone?

There are some moments when I feel like I've suddenly been thrown into a scene from a movie or film. This morning's bus ride was either Freaks or a Carnivale episode. There was a man with 6 fingers on each hand; a woman who looked more Romulan than human; a person who appeared to just miss the height requirements of a dwarf and was dressed as a woman with a fur coat, yet had the face of a man. (S)he reminded me of Samson from Carnivale. To top it off, there was a teenage boy who I've seen on the bus before and appears to have a developmental issue. He was in a seat towards the middle of the bus (I was sitting all the way in the back), and after he'd been on the bus a while he moved next to me and proceed to shift about in 2 seats (it was a round de 6 places) and mumble to himself. It's time such as this when I look around for Rod Sterling.


Anonymous said...

hmmm, i see the delites of the nyc subway have found their way to paris...
by the way, did you report the crapper to the bus driver? sounds like he needs more supervision than he's getting (i am not a stranger to those with "special needs").
how is the weather in paris these days?

A Seattleite in Paris said...

No I didn't report him, so far he's kept to himself and hasn't been aggressive towards other passengers.

It's sunny, bright and still cold. But it's still light out when I leave the office, so I'm looking forward to spring. :)