Friday, May 2, 2008

Le Muguet du Mai

Yesterday was la fête du travail here in France a.k.a. May Day and today Paris was a bit of a ghost town. Since this jour férié fell on a Thursday, a lot of people did a "pont" and took today off to make a four day weekend. This is VERY common in France. We'll have 2 other holidays this month which makes May a bit of a mini-August, because so many people faire le pont and have a month of long weekends. For those of us who work the holiday Fridays, it can be a nice change. Today my commute took less time and the office was very quiet since there were only two of us (both non-French).

It's common for people to sell and offer muguets (lily of the valley) on May 1st as a sign of good luck. I passed three stands selling them in between my front door and the bakery.

To read more about the May 1st muguet click here and here.
And for a photo pop over to ParisDailyPhoto.

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