Wednesday, April 9, 2008

mid-atlantic franglais

As an American, my default language is US English. That said, in the past couple of years, I’ve had problems sticking to it faithfully. I’m fluent in French and speak French with the roommate 90%-95% of the time. When I speak to her in English, she usuallyresponds in French (even though she speaks English). At work, the official working language is English, but I tend to go back and forth with my French colleagues. To confuse the situation even more, I work in the European HQ of an international company. Even though the global HQ is in the US, I write/edit marketing materials in UK English. The result is that my emails, IM messages and speech are often a mish-mash of US English, UK English and French. The boyfriend laughs when I do it and most of the time I don’t notice until he points it out. I told him that living in France has resulted in me becoming no-lingual instead of bilingual. I’m taking Spanish and so far it hasn’t crept into my daily language…fingers crossed that it stays that way.

(The photo is from a couple days ago, the morning after it snowed)


Anonymous said...

It's so cold in Normandy too! Too cold for April.

I love to read about your language topics. I so was to be in the position you are now with French and English (Uk/Us) a part of your daily routine.

A Seattleite in Paris said...

thanks function. It sounds nice, but honestly I confuse myself sometimes with the language mix.

Anonymous said...

franglais c'est cool. like an olivier assayas movie.